A fully decentralized marketplace to mint and trade NFTs.


Empowering NFTs

XONAR elevates the NFT experience to unprecedent heights.

Digital Assets

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) serve to encode ownership of unique physical, non-physical, or purely digital goods, such as artworks, in-game items, music albums, e-books, and more.

Digital Assets

NFT Brokerage

An NFT seller can handle each individual sale, or alternatively, the process can be turned over to a broker account to maximize the selling price of the NFT.

XON Token Supply

Visual Impact

XONAR offers an innovative user experience in the emerging NFT market. Users can easily create, manage, trade, and burn NFTs on the XRP Ledger.

XON Token Exchange


XONAR is a product of the XON Digital Ecosystem. The project aims to enhance the synergy between the physical and digital world.

XON Ecosystem

XON apps enable users to control everything related to their identity and property and manage a root-of-trust without a central authority.


XONAR is built on the public XRP Ledger, with the minting process being handled at the application layer.

XRP Ledger

The XPRL is capable of settling thousands of transactions in seconds, thanks to its public and decentralized structure.

Early Access

The platform's first release is currently under development. Gain early access to XONAR.

How To Join

Beta Platform

Early access to XONAR offers exclusive benefits, such as access to special rewards and the opportunity to create NFTs at significantly reduced fees throughout the entire beta period.

Beta Testers

Being one of the first users to test the XONAR platform will not only enhance your activity on the platform, but also give you access to exclusive rewards.

Early Minting

During the entire beta period, beta testers will have the privilege of creating NFTs at significantly reduced fees, and in some cases, even at zero cost.

Early access to the BETA version of XONAR will be granted to all XON token holders.

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